Decemeber 18, 2013

Important news



I just found out last month that I have cancer. Specifically, basal cell carcinoma on my neck. It is treatable, and I'm starting on cehmotherapy now. I'll likely require surgery later. I am, of course, scared.

I want to stick around for a few more decades. I want to write more stories about my ferret characters. I KNOW I can beat this. But I'll need help to do it. That's why I set up a fundraising page, via I'm not proud. Here is a link:

[Link deleted - see below]

If you can help, I would appreciate it.

Update, as of April 5th, 2017 (I know, I've neglected this; mea culpa)

On October 30,2015, I went under the knife and the cancer on my neck was removed. It's been well over a year, and there are no signs of it coming back. I'm older, and I have the usual health concerns of an senior citizen, but cancer doesn't seem to be one of them, at least at the moment.


I still have medical bills from the operation and subsequent raidation therapy,and the fundraiser will continue until those are paid off.


Update, as of May 8th, 2018.


As of the beginning of April, much to my surprise, my medical bills have been paid. I say "much to my surprise", because someone somewhere decided that I had been overcharged for the radiation treatment, so I was owed a refund. That was well over a month ago, and nobody has sent me a letter saying that they changed their mind, so I owe such-and-such, so I guess that's it. The fundraising page has been deleted and the link is no longer there above.


So that's that. My adventure with cancer is over. For now. You never know with that stuff. But I won this round.


I found out that I have lots of friends around the world. Youcaring charged me a big fat zero for use of their service. Nice of them. Thanks to everyone involved.


And all this is  done just as I'm ready to turn 65 and go on Medicare. We'll see how that goes.


Now, back to our regularly scheduled website.








Hi, My name is
Paul E. Jamison
Welcome to my little place on the Whirled Wide Web
(As Pogo would most likely call it)

If I make any faux pas with this home page thingy, well, tough. You've seen far worse out there.

The primary purpose of establishing this page was to make some stories I've written available for all to read. Y'see, when I was going with my ex-SO, I got to know - and eventually became Daddy to - her two little ferret kids, Al & Peggy (Daddy misses you two very much, and he'll love you forever!). I've become interested in ferrets therefore, and I've done a lot of cruising on the 'Net and found some wonderful ferrety sites (Links on my Ferrets page). I've found the stories concerning the Rainbow Bridge to be particularly touching, considering how many little critters I've known and loved in my life. (Note: For those unfamiliar with the reference, the Rainbow Bridge is where our beloved pets go when they die, to wait for us when we go to Heaven. There is more about the Bridge on my Rainbow Bridge page.)

...So I've written some Rainbow Bridge stories of my own, and I've posted them here for everyone to enjoy. (From the feedback that I've gotten so far, people do enjoy them. I'm beginning to think that I'm pretty good at this.) Read them and E-mail me ... tell me what you think.

Since I now have a presence on the Whirled Wide Web, I may as well do what everybody else does and post stuff about my personal interests, assuming anybody out there cares. So I've got a separate page about my personal interests, with some links to related sites. I'll be working on adding more links in the future.

New! I've begun writing fan fiction about the television show "due South" and now have a page devoted to my efforts. You'll find those stories on the due South page.

Even more new! I've started filking ferret-related songs! Check out the Ferret Songs page.

Newer still! Okay, some of you may have come across my Ferret Cannon Crew and the birthday salutes somewhere on a message board or a Usenet group or someplace similar, and you're likely asking yourself, "What the blue blazes is that all about?" I figured it was high time that I included a webpage that explains what the blue blazes it's all about. Check out the Birthday Salutes page, and Murphy, Sammy and Max will tell you all about it.

New as of 11/05/07! Somehow I've become interested in my Cannon Crew characters, and I've started writing adventure stories about them, under the series title "Mustela Sapiens". Let me know what you think.

At some point I may add another page with more info about me, but I'll really have to convince myself that someone else would be interested. (I may change my mind, however, if I ever break down and buy a scanner.)

About me: Surprise, surprise! I've actually posted a picture of myself, and I guess I don't look that hideous. Check out the Contact Me page and see my sweetheart, Shanna and me. Also read a few vital statistics.

Feel free to E-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I want to thank Kris, the moderator of Carpet Sharks Ink, who set up this website for me and has been teaching me the ins and outs of editing the pages. It's so nice to have friends like her.
Please come back soon and visit. You'll never know what you'll find!