Harley "Bug"

Another furkid that posts regularly to the Ferret Mailing List is Harley "Bug", a "special needs" ferret who resides with the Ferret Aid Society of Toronto. This little guy has had it rough. He was turned into F.A.S.T. in June of '97 with a rare bacterial infection and a badly injured eyeball (he may have been abused). The eye was removed in November of that year, and for the next two years he had to endure several operations, plus weekly sinus flushes (I can guess what this is, and I wouldn't like it a bit!) to fight that bacterial infection. After two years, it looks like Harley and his human almost have it licked.

Harley's story features many good people (an obviously excellent veterinarian, his staff, a shelter Mom who loves him very much, an anonymous donor who shelled out $500 to pay for a particularly delicate sinus operation), but what I find especially inspiring is Harley himself. All through this he's remained a happy and playful guy. Whenever he goes in for his sinus flush, he takes the time to flirt with the receptionist.

Feb. 22, 2000: Update on Harley! Harley "Bug" went in today for an operation to close a hole in his nasal wall, which had been letting infection get into the eye socket. However, the hole has already healed, there is no more infection and the vet decided that further operations are unnecessary. In short, Harley "Bug" is cured!! WAY TO GO, HARLEY!!!

June 26, 2002 It's with deep sadness that I have to report that Harley "Bug" made that journey to the Rainbow Bridge today. With his injuries and many operations, he had trouble breathing from time to time. He did not win this last battle. Such a strong spirit. Such a fighter. Such a happy, loving little boy. Many humans will miss Harley a lot. Wherever the Bug is now he's whole again and probably enjoying himself even more than he did before.

Bye-bye, little Harley Bug. I'll never forget you.