Kouri Fan Club

Yet another of the fuzzy "lurkers" (I don't know if he's ever posted on his own but his Mommy posts regularly) on the Ferret Mailing List is Kouri Wood, a remarkable little guy. Among other things, he is the only known member of the National Rifle Association that is a ferret (I'm not sure if the NRA Membership Board or Charlton Heston have a clue about this).

Obviously, such an accomplished ferret would develop his own fan base, right? So, a business of five ferrets - the late Harley (not Harley "Bug"), Kit, Lily, Dixie and Stormy got together and formed The Kouri Fan Club. Membership is open to all ferrets that can persuade their humans to send in the membership dues (or can steal it from their purses and wallets - let's be realistic here). Membership is also open to fuzzyless humans like me, which I was glad to find out.

I'm now a Fan Club member and I feel honored. Membership dues go to Kouri's favorite charity, the Support Our Shelters fund. In return members get a laminated membership card, a photo of Kouri and all sorts of goodies. You'd probably guess that the Fan Club has an online presence, wouldn't you? Correct! The following link will take you to Kouri's Fan Club. There are members' photos, a Rainbow Bridge memorial page, the latest news about Kouri, the things he likes to do (This is one talented little ferret!), and so much more. I particularly like his famous Kookie Recipe.

Alas, since Geocities is going away in October, the Kouri's Fan Club website will either have to move elsewhere or disappear. For now, though, all you fuzzies (humans, too) go and join Kouri's Fan Club. It's fun and it's for a good cause.