Rainbow Bridge Stories
I love little animals and I've become intrigued with the Legend of the Rainbow Bridge. The idea of a place where our pets can wait to join us in Heaven is wonderful. I've read a few stories set in the Rainbow Bridge milieu and I wanted to explore some of the details of life in that special place. So I've decided to write a few Rainbow Bridge stories of my own.

Below are links to those stories that I've written so far. I'm amazed at how I've taken to this. I've already got some ideas for more stories floating around in my head, so expect to see them in the future. I've enjoyed writing them and I hope you enjoy reading them.


All characters in these stories, either two- or four-legged, are fictional. Any resemblance between these and actual individuals, either living or dead, is unintentional and a marvelous coincidence.

You'll note that these stories are slanted more towards ferrets than other creatures. As I've explained elsewhere, I've become fascinated with the little carpet sharks, so that's to be expected.