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This is the first Rainbow Bridge story I wrote. It's about a little orphan who comes to the Bridge and how he finds a special friendship and how he learns to love. I also wanted to show that in the course of a lifetime someone that loves animals will have adopted a lot of pets. If anything, I may have underestimated the size of a typical Bridge reunion. I like how this story turned out, and I've received positive feedback from the newsgroup alt.pets.ferrets and from the Ferret Mailing List about it. Thanks to all of you!

NOTE: I make NO apologies about my admittedly one-dimensional depiction of the Fundamentalist. In my opinion any Heaven which separates us from those that we love, especially including our beloved animals, is no Heaven at all. If this attitude makes you uncomfortable, well, Theology can be complicated sometimes; dealing with that fact is one sign of maturity.