Saying Goodbye
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Saying Goodbye
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I see the Rainbow Bridge as a complex society, close to Utopian in nature. The furry folks there would delight in interacting with one another, and many good, strong friendships would be made over the course of time. However, I soon realized something about these friendships, and it's that when a furry kid's Mommy or Daddy came to pick them up at the Rainbow Bridge, they would have to say goodbye to many of their furry friends and leave them behind. How would you handle it - possibly the way Sammy does at first? I decided to write a story that explored the question a little bit.
NOTE: My Sweetheart has a Rottweiler named Titan - who is in the peak of health, so don't worry. Try and spot the connection with the Rotty named Olympic in this story. (One hint: sister ships.)