My Ferrety Links

As I surfed the Net to find out more about ferrets, I was surprised to learn that these cute little fuzzies have a hidden agenda: nothing less than World domination! Don't believe me, huh? Some carpet sharks managed to hack into the personal website of their "owner" (as if ferrets would consent to be "owned" - hah!) And made extensive changes to further their own insidious ends.

NOTE: some of the pages on the site are intended for ferrets only, and there are prominent warnings that humans are forbidden from visiting these pages, at the risk of severe punishment. I admit I scoffed at the warnings, thinking they were "cute", and went right in. Then I started missing some socks. A lot of socks. And my toothpaste turned brown and began smelling funny... I'd take these warnings seriously if I were you.

Any critter that can do all this is quite capable of taking over the World. I think we humans have to face the facts; we're licked. My suggestion is to pick up the nearest ferret and shower it with snuggles and kisses. At best this will score you some brownie points (maybe that's not the best way to phrase it) under the new regime. If nothing else it's a fun thing to do.

UPDATE: The Weezil Pages of Doom, which was where I'd posted a link, seem to have disappeared. Drat.

WARNING! There are a lot of cute pictures out there on the Whirled Wide Web of ferrets: ferrets sleeping in funny positions, ferrets playing, ferrets stealing and hiding the oddest things, ferrets in cute costumes, or ferrets just looking at the camera with big, wide "what's-that-flashy-thing-you're-pointing-at-me?" Eyes. Searching for the latest cute fuzzy pictures and cute fuzzy stories can be habit-forming and will eat up your free time. (And here people thought accessing sex on the Internet was a problem. Hah!)

I try and use several types of animals in my Rainbow Bridge stories, but for some odd reason I tend to focus on ferrets; does that mean I'm biased? If you've a mind to, head on over to my Rainbow Bridge Page and see for yourself. There are also some links to some Rainbow Bridge related sites there; check them out, but keep some tissues handy.