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Mountie At The Threshold
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When I discovered the joys of "due South" recently, I was especially interested in the fanfiction; maybe writing these stories has conditioned me to think in auctorial terms (look it up). At any rate, what with the mystical element of "due South", I became intrigued with the idea of bringing Constable Benton Fraser to the Rainbow Bridge and having him interact with some of the characters from my stories (especially good old Murphy). With this in mind, I wrote "Mountie at the Threshold". Quite honestly, I'm not completely happy with the results. There are always limitations involved in writing about someone else's characters, and some authors don't like being constrained in that way. Me, I'm worried that I didn't get Fraser or the two Rays right. I tried my best.

I don't know if this warrants a warning or not, but this story is a little darker than anything I've previously written; there is some overt gunplay involved at one point. However, I believe that the Light shines through at the end. I rate this PG.
For those who keep track of such things, this takes place some time after the end of the original TV show.