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One of the many things I enjoy about "due South" is the music. I don't normally go for soundtrack albums, especially for television shows, but I had to make an exception for "due South". Both albums are well worth it. One of my favorite songs from the show was an original, "Ride Forever", from an episode entitled "All the Queen's Horses" - an all-around excellent episode. "Ride Forever" is about a horseman, near the end of a long life, giving some backtalk to a world that wants to put him out to pasture. I thought about it and decided to write a song of my own, about a ferret, old, handicapped and still a youngster at heart, expressing the joy that has been his life and lamenting that other ferrets haven't been so fortunate. I think I did a pretty good job.
Following the online community of ferret lovers can be heartbreaking at times. Two recent horror stories come to mind:

1) Around Christmastime, 2000, a backyard breeder in New Jersy died suddenly and his stock was turned over to some local rescue shelters. When it became known what kind of condition these furkids were in, ferret folks were shocked - malnutrition, dehydration, infections, tumors, filth, and just plain neglect. The ferret community rallied to help these poor kids get proper medical care and loving homes. I believe that a few have decided to cross the Rainbow Bridge; but but most are still here, and thanks to some caring folks, the New Jersey rescues are learning what it's like to be happy.
2) The other story doesn't have such a happy ending. An air shipment of 35 kits, intended for pet shops, were left in a cargo container at an airport in Indiana and forgotten. By the time they were discovered nine days later, all but one had died of malnutrition and dehydration; before anyone could stop it, the last one went to a pet shop and was sold, so his final fate is unknown. So the furfolk at the Rainbow Bridge have a large number of orphans to care for.

"Run Forever" is dedicated to these two groups of unfortunate fuzzies.