Lost In This Masquerade
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Lost In This Masquerade
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This is just a little slice-of-life thingie to celebrate Hallowe'en. Nothing spooktacular.

This takes place after the television episode "Juliet is Bleeding", but I depart from events in one respect, i.e., Detective Louis Gardino isn't dead. In this leg of the Trousers of Time, Detective Gardino survived the explosion of Ray's car, but he was severely wounded, and Detective Thomas E. Dewey stepped in as Jack Huey's temporary partner. The sole purpose of this, of course, was a setup for the Duck Boys' Hallowe'en costumes.

If I'm going to dedicate this story to anyone, because of the costumes, it may as well be Carl Barks, who passed away recently at the too-young age of 99. He was the best "duck" artist ever to work on the Disney comics, and he wrote some of the most exciting and intelligent adventures that the Duck family ever experienced. 2000 has been, alas, a year for saying goodbye to some good cartoonists.