Rainbow Bridge Links

Skeeter passed over to the Rainbow Bridge some time ago, but he still had Internet access (I wish my ISP was that good!), and was able to post to the FML. He provided a means of communication between this world and the Rainbow Bridge and passed messages between bereaved Mommies and Daddies and the little fur-kids that wait for them. Recently he was given a special assignment under the Bridge and has been too busy to post to his friends on the FML. Another furkid at the Bridge, named Sandee, took over Skeeter's former job of posting to the FML and passing on messages. She's gone on to other good works at the Bridge, and now other Bridgegreeters have taken over the task of welcoming newcomers. Not everybody agrees (Poo on 'em!), but I think that what Skeeter and Sandee and the other greeters do is very important; it means a lot to the humans left behind to hear that their kids are well and happy, and that they love their Mommies and Daddies very much. (Quite honestly, I enjoy reading these posts because it sounds like those critters at the Bridge are having loads of fun!) Skeeter has had very good things to say about my Rainbow Bridge stories, especially "Tuffy's Story", so that I like to think of him as my little buddy. Another friend of his maintains a Memorial page in his name for some fur-types that have crossed over to the Bridge. Dooks to ya, Skeeter, Sandee and all of the bridge greeters!

The Rainbow Bridge Page, which you can go to by clicking here, is a place where grieving human parents can post obituaries and memorials for their departed fur-children. There are all sorts of animals honored here: dogs, cats, various rodents, some reptiles ... and, of course, ferrets. WARNING: Reading through these tributes will set the hardest of hearts to crying like a baby.

The Home of the New Rainbow Bridge, which you can go to by clicking here, is not to be confused with The Rainbow Bridge Page listed above. The New Rainbow Bridge is actually the home of the Last Chance Ferret Rescue Shelter, located in Pennsylvania. They have a few products for sale, including a very nice Rainbow Bridge art print and a sympathy card for the loss of a pet (plus a nifty transparent "dryer tube" for little fuzzbutts to run through and play in; transparency is important in a ferret tunnel because half the fun is being able to watch). And, of course, they have fuzzies for adoption. Not as Rainbow Bridge-oriented as other links on this page, but this is my website and I can include whatever links I want to!

If you have never shared your life with any of the little furry creatures on this Earth, then you probably don't understand the special bond that can exist between human and animal. Never underestimate the strength of that bond, and never let anyone tell you that animals can't feel love. (Then again, you probably wouldn't be accessing this page in the first place if you didn't love animals, so I'm probably preaching to the converted.) There are many resources to help someone to cope with the loss of a close relative or a human loved one, so why not something similar to help with the loss of a beloved pet? That's what The Pet Loss Grief Support Website is all about. This is a place of tribute to those furry children that have gone on ahead, and of support and advice for those humans who were left behind. There is information about the Monday Candle Ceremony, in which people all across the World light candles to honor the memory of the pets that they miss so much. There is also a poetry page, access to a chat room and a number of links to other pet-loss resources on the 'Net. A very special place, indeed. Go to the Pet Loss site by clicking here.