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This started out as another birthday salute at AFP with Sammy's grandpapa singing "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof, a fine song and a fine musical. I decided to expand it a bit more and I think the result is much better than "Murphy's Story". Somewhere along the way I decided that Sammy was an ordained Rabbi and I wanted to explore what influenced him to become the individual that he is today. In short, this is Sammy's story.

I originally referred to "Sammy's Grandpapa" and "Sammy's Parents". I found that rather awkward so I figured I had to give them names. For similar reasons I named Sammy's aunts and uncles, too. In the process, I gave Sammy a family. It's interesting how much you can develop a character simply by giving him or her a name.

This deals with death - with some dignity, I hope - but I warn you, it's a real tearjerker.