Carpet Sharks Ink

There are, naturally enough, online message boards devoted to ferrets and the people who love them (and even a few for ferrets only). I've been a member of several. I've seen them come and I've seen them go. For my money, one of the BEST online ferret groups is Carpet Sharks Ink, a Yahoo! group that's been around since 2002. I've been there from the beginning – even before the beginning – and I like it a lot. The members are friendly and, of course, love the little fuzzbutts. They talk about everything under the sun, including ferrets, and they're always ready to lend a hand to someone who has a ferrety or non-ferrety question. They celebrate birthdays, human and ferret, they pray for the sick ones, and they grieve for those that cross the Rainbow Bridge. The Cannon Crew is known for celebrating people's birthdays, but there are others that do a fine job, too. The members share cute stories about their fuzzies and share photos and the occasional video. Kris – the kind person who set up this website for me – is the moderator and does a terrific job, too. Keeping us in line is like herding cats. Or ferrets, for that matter.

In order to keep out trolls, spammers and stalkers – you know the type – the members are given the option of saying yea or nay over every potential applicant. Kris will send out a questionnaire to the applicant as well. It's a system that has worked well so far, so click on the link above and you will be taken to the Carpet Sharks Ink home page where you can apply for membership. What have you got to lose?

Once you've been accepted, you can choose to receive the posts by email or in digest form, or you can read through the messages via the website. But check the homepage at least once a month. The photo changes that often and it's always cute.

Oh, and a word of warning: We LOVE photos, and we always bug newcomers about posting photos of their furbabies. You'll have to learn to handle a camera (but we can give advice on that).