Mustela sapiens

This is what it's come to. I started out just playing around on shooting cannons off and stuff and by golly, I'm giving my characters backstory and characters and family. And it's fun. Like, wow.

As time goes on, I've developed an interest in really fleshing out these characters. I've even established that Murphy, Sammy, Max and the Skippys are parts of an entirely news species of ferret, with the bogus scientific name Mustela sapiens. Where will this lead? It's anyone's guess right now.

Okay, so I'm writing stories about talking animals. Does that make them children's stories? I don't think so. I figure adults can enjoy them just as well. If there's two things I've learned about children's literature, it's:

1) There's nothing that says that adults can't get something substantial out of them, and

2) The biggest mistake an author of children's stories can make is to assume that children are stupid. I don't write about sex, nor is the violence graphic, but that's it. If you think that your kids can't deal with "adult" themes, then you should consider the possibility that you can't deal with them. Then again, if you have problems with my stories, you wouldn't be here.

At any rate, enjoy.