Rocky's Ferret Rescue and Shelter


There's just something about ferrets that people respond to - their personalities, their intelligence, their all-around cuteness. But a ferret needs a lot of attention and care as a pet. Some people just aren't up to it. And when they tire of their cute little ferret, or the circumstances change, what's a self-centered two-legs to do?

That's where rescue shelters come in. Some people do care about the homeless, the lost, the neglected, the abandoned, the abused ferrets. And these kind souls establish themselves as shelters and open their homes to these furbabies. It's not easy. You don't make money at it, you end up with a lot of ferrets, many old or handicapped, and you open yourself up to heartbreak - and, surprisingly enough, abuse from heartless humans.

But these shelter folks love the ferrets, and somebody has to help them.

There are so many ferret rescue shelters out there, and I can't list tham all. I'm going to include a link to one that's special to me. That's Rocky's Ferret Rescue. The Shelter Mommy, Barb Clay, is a friend of mine. She's a good person, true enough, but because of one particular incident, I consider her a hero. That incident is the Hagerstown Rescue.

There are individuals who breed ferrets privately, and some of them care for the fuzzies very much. Others, however, see the dollar sign, and decent food and care for breeding ferrets undercuts the profit, you see. You can see where this is going. One such breeder in Hagerstown, Maryland, ended up turning 80 of her breeding ferrets over to Rocky's Rescue. The living conditions for these poor kids were appalling. Barb Clay showed remarkable restraint in not pounding this person into the ground when she had the chance, but Barb buckled down and did the important stuff: giving those 80 fuzzies the care, the medical attention, and the human interaction they needed. That is why I consider Barb a hero, and that is why I'm proud to post the link to Rocky's Ferret Rescue. Here it is. Adopt or foster a ferret. Donate - shelters always need help. Or just see what you can see.

(You should be happy to know that the breeder in question was charged with animal abuse. She was not charged with a felony, alas, but the judge did give a slap-down - a hefty fine, community service and a ban on her keeping any more animals. You can be certain that the ferret folks are keeping an eye on her.)

Rocky's also has a message board that I like. Heartbreaking stories. Happy stories. Lots of cute photos. And the occasional birthday salute. Here's the link.