The FERRET Message Board


One of my favorite online ferrety message boards was an MSN group called My Norwegian Ferret Family. It was great fun - stories, birthday salutes, good ferret advice and, of course, cute photos. Alas, it is no more, since the idiots at MSN decided to drop their groups service. To this day I have no idea why.

However, Huronna, one of the members of MNFF, decided to take up the slack and establish a ferret message boards via Proboards called, simply enough, FERRET. Most of the MNFF people have migrated to "Ferret", and it's just as fun as the old group. There are separate sections for medical advice, memorials, stories and poems, and a general board. What I like about this place are the animated images, avatars and signatures.

So, here is a link to the Ferret Board. Enjoy.